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July 23, 2010

Back to it!

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Much like a Sarracenia in spring, the Kimoto Carnivorous Plant Blog slowly struggles back to life.

A quick update: We decided to perform a gut-and-redo on our house.  As a result, we were out of the house for around a year.  After moving back in, my spare time was spent unpacking, de-junking the garage, decorating, etc.

Sadly, despite my best efforts, my outside cp’s did not survive the move.  A combination of different climate plus lack of time to take proper care of the plants resulted in their demise.

Fortunately, my tropicals fared better–I sent them to live with my friend Dave, who has been growing carnivorous plants for many years.  My Nepenthes and my Cephalotus are all doing well.  I still need to set up a good place for them to live in the new house.

Although I have not had time to restart my minibog, I do have a few plants growing in a tray outside (1 Dionaea, 1 Sarracenia purpurea, 1 mystery Sarracenia, 2 pots of Drosera capensis).

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