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October 12, 2010

Indian Summer

Filed under: Seasons — Andrew Kimoto @ 10:12 am

As is typical in the SF Bay Area, we are having some of our best weather the last few weeks.  We are experiencing a mini heat wave today with temperatures expected to be in the 90′s.  Good thing I put plenty of water in the CP tray the other day.  I must remark again how much happier my plants are in the back yard where they get full sun all day long.

So far, growth of all my plants appears robust.   My Dionaea are producing some of their largest traps of the year.

For a while, my Drosera capensis seemed to be spending all their energy flowering, but they are now producing more new leaves again.

Winter dormancy is still a few weeks away–we usually get a marked cooling by the end of October.   I expect my Dionaea will start slowing down soon, though my D. capensis should continue unabated throughout the winter.

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