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July 20, 2006

Nepenthes Rescue Part II

Filed under: Acquisitions,Rescues — Andrew Kimoto @ 10:18 am

In a previous entry I mentioned that I had purchased an unknown Nepenthes from Lowe’s. At the time of my posting, it was just starting to pitcher. It now has 4 fully mature, and several more on the way.

When the first pitcher fully developed, it appeared to be a standard N. ventricosa. However, the later pitchers have a slightly ruffled peristome, so it must be some kind of hybrid. I have heard that the peristome characteristics of young plants are not fully expressed, so I might have to wait a little while longer before I can attempt an ID.

May 31, 2006

Nepenthes Rescue

Filed under: Acquisitions,Rescues — Andrew Kimoto @ 7:15 pm

Last month I found the usual CP display at the local Lowe’s home center. By usual I mean that most of the plants were dying or dead. Some had disappeared altogether–merging with the long-fibered sphagnum moss.

However, there was one Nepenthes (species unknown) that still appeared to be in good shape, so I bought it. Once I got it home, I put it on the table next to my N. ventricosa and popped it out of its plastic dome.

Over the next few weeks it doubled in size and started to grow upwards with 1/2 inch of stem between the leaves. Each of the newest leaves are already larger than the largest leaves of my N. ventricosa which I have had for two years.

Now it is finally starting to pitcher, so perhaps I will be able to identify it soon. I have heard that most of the home center type of Nepenthes are hybrids, so it might not be possible to id, but we shall see…

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