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May 20, 2007

Nepenthes – new basal shoot

Filed under: Acquisitions,Indoors — Andrew Kimoto @ 1:55 pm

My first Nepenthes ventricosa has sent up two basal shoots over the years since I purchased it.  Now the Nepenthes ventricosa  hybrid that I purchased at Lowes has started sending up its first basal shoot.  Here is a closeup that I just took this afternoon.

N. ventricosa hybrid basal shoot

I will post some additional pictures as the shoot develops.

November 30, 2006

Cephalotus pitcher

Filed under: Indoors — Andrew Kimoto @ 10:47 am

My Cephalotus has produced a good sized pitcher (along with lots of smaller ones, of course). It developed too late in the year to get much purple color, but is much bigger than any that my plant has produced in the past.

Here are my latest photos (click for full-size image):

August 27, 2006

Finally some color on my Cephalotus…

Filed under: Indoors — Andrew Kimoto @ 3:00 pm

I have had a Cephalotus for a year or so now, and it is finally getting some purple color to the pitchers. Last summer the pitchers stayed green the whole time.

Perhaps this is because the plant is a year older–not really sure. I’ll post some pictures as soon as I have a chance.

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